PlantLogic provides design, engineering, development and deployment of manufacturing systems for continuous process and discrete parts production. We are a group of consultants, engineers, and software developers providing Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Automation and Information Systems.

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PlantLogic, Inc. is a group of engineers, consultants, and programmers who provide design, development and commissioning of advanced Automation and Information Solutions for Manufacturing. Our production process, machine control, and supply chain knowledge provide significant value to our client’s assuring compliance, quality, efficiency and profitability.


At PlantLogic, Inc., our staff is trained and experienced with select, quality Automation and Information products.  Rather than lead with a particular product, we work with you to determine your facilities needs, current and future, then look to choose the best software and hardware products that will: meet your current requirements, provide a path for continuous improvement and add value to your operations.


Proficy iFix SCADA, Historian and Operations Management MES

Ignition SCADA and MES software

Flexible Batching, Display I.T. and SQL/.NET MES Applications

RSLogix PLC , PanelView, FactoryTalk View SCADA



Intouch, System Platform


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PlantLogicSM Flexible Batching

Flexible Batching Made Simple.    In today’s competitive manufacturing world, it is rare to dedicate one set of batching or blending equipment to production of a single product. Proprietary  advantage is  won  by  companies  who  can produce a consistent product then,  efficiently change  over  to  a  different  product  without  having  to  reprogram  their  control  equipment  or  redefine  their  process  Standard  Operating  Procedure (SOP).

PlantLogicsm Batching  Software enables your process team  to  set  up  and  run  any  Ingredient  in  any  order and also  enables  the  set  up  and  run of  any  Operation  in  any  order.  Having  many  of  the  advantages  of  the  ISA  S88  standard with  browser-based  recipe  management and  batch record reporting. All with a fraction of the cost of off-the-shelf S88 batching packages and with little training required for your plant personnel.

The software design was driven by our  customer’s requests for, “A  Flexible  Batching system  that  requires  little  or  no  training  and  is  maintainable  by the plant  right  from  its  installation”.    Some  production facilities have learned that packaged batching  software  is can be quite expensive and can quickly become  “shelfware”  due  to  its insurmountable learning  curve.

PlantLogicsm  Flexible  Batching:

  • Enables  you  to  edit,  save  and  print  recipes  directly  from  your  secure browser. No more trips down to the SCADA Server to edit and save recipes on the plant floor during production runs.
  • Automatically  logs  and  prints  Batching  Reports  at  the  end  of  each  batch with real-time viewing from the browser interface.
  • Any  ingredient,  mix  time  or  hand  additions  can  be  part  of  a  recipe  and  handled  in  any  order.  Changes, transparent  to  the  operators, allow  QA  and  Product  Development  to  easily  alter  ingredients  or  sequence  of  ingredients  in  the  Recipe  Handler.
  • Recipes and Batch Reports are stored in Microsoft  SQL  Server database.
  • Recipe Management is via your web browser. Web page screens are your interface for edits, saves and creation of new recipes.  Quality Assurance personnel no longer require a special trip to the plant floor or require dedicated time in-between product runs to configure the next process on the SCADA.
  • Open architecture and industry-standard protocols and methods are used throughout enabling support by your existing production team.
  • The sequential  phase  logic  is  in  the  PLC  where  it belongs.
  • Direct data communication is enabled between PLC and Database.
  • The database is designed and configured for your process. New  products,  ingredients  and  process  parameters  are  added  by you right  from  your browser.

Deliverables, Service and Support:

  • Included with  PlantLogicsm  Flexible  Batching  is;  Manufacturing Information Database Server (MIDS),  Tri-d & Tru© PLC  logic, and  recipe management, data logging and reporting  applications.
  • No phone trees for support. Call us directly.
  • Remote maintenance of your PlantLogic Flexible Batching System is available.

In Summary:

  • PlantLogic Software is designed to meet your specific needs not be “all things to all people”.
  • Recipes, Batch Reports and Lot Tracking information are stored in a secure, backed up, relational database in an open format.
  • New recipes include batching sequences which are defined, edited and saved directly to the database.
  • The PLC will run the new recipe sequence the recipe tells it, without programming.
  • The SCADA will display the new recipe sequences on the same screen.
  • Designed to last five (5) years without a version upgrade of operating system, application or database.

PlantLogicSM Display I.T.

When considering an Manufacturing Execution System (MES) , think beyond the ability to capture raw production data in real time and consider how you will use and display the data. In addition to empowering production management with metrics, you can also empower your production teams with those metrics. Think real-time production schedules, in-progress shift or line advancement toward those goals, HR and training materials, and any messaging or media presentations management schedules to share. The PlantLogic Display I.T. application can make that happen, and your authorized personnel can edit what information in displayed directly from their browser. See below for format listings you can plug right in.

PlantLogic DisplayIT-Manufacturing-Automation

The PlantLogic Display I.T. System will display information from a variety of sources, sequentially, in round-robin rotation fashion. As this is a display system, for each file format, you provide the application used with file type and the PlantLogic Display System includes the readers or embedded viewers for each file type.

Included File format supported
Direct Spreadsheet (Microsoft .XLS file, or equivalent).
Embedded Document Viewer (Microsoft Word .DOC file or equivalent).
Direct Report text (Microsoft Notepad .TXT file or equivalent).
Direct Message text entered manually (e.g. “Happy Thanksgiving!”)
Direct Portable Document Format (Adobe .PDF file or equivalent).
Direct Presentation (Power Point .PPT file or equivalent).
Database data (embedded viewer for table data from Oracle, Microsoft SQL, etc.)
Web pages (.HTML, PHP, .NET or equivalent) (e.g.
Images (.BMP, .GIF, .JPG or equivalent)
Web embedded video media (FLV, MP4, MP3, AVI or equivalent)

The Display System Configuration Utility, allows the operator to select and configure the information to be shown on each individual display in your manufacturing facility (example: one in production, another in packaging, the lunch room.). The configuration is easily accomplished by the user through a simple web page. The Display System Configuration Utility is accessible from any computer in your facility using a Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser and a secure password for security.

During configuration, the user may add as many items to the display list as desired, limited only by the amount of storage space available. For each item, the user also specifies the duration (in seconds) for the item to remain on screen, before the system automatically advances to the next item in the display list.

OEE and Downtime Reporting

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is often one of the first Manufacturing Execution System (MES) applications selected by companies to monitor their production efficiency. We design, develop and deploy MES software solutions from Parsec Automation, Inductive Automation and GE Fanuc software, as well as PlantLogic Microsoft SQLServer/.Net solutions. We will help you to make the right choice for your manufacturing needs.

All of these MES solutions can be “Truly Integrated”:

  • Drop In Deployment

One key path for communication is real-time and bi-directional to programmable controllers, distributed control systems and microprocessor based machine controllers. Another path of information exchange is with ERP financial software using specified and configured tools. Deployment need not disrupt production.

  • Accessible

Secure and straightforward access to production information by operators, production managers and executives.

  • Flexible, Actionable and Supportable

Formatted reports, graphs and dashboards.  Powerful yet simple to use. In-house staff can be capable of making changes and configuring reports with minimum essential training.  

  • Sustainable and Scalable

Once installed, the revision level is  capable of running for five years with no major version changes. The software handles new line or unit addition.    

Whether you use Wonderware Intouch, Rockwell FactoryTalk View, GE Proficy iFix or any one of a number of SCADA/HMI packages, the communication to the database is directly to the PLC. Your OEE and downtime database and reporting features are independent of the SCADA/HMI.

PlantLogic Downtime Reporting Screen

PlantLogicSM Collect I.T.

For use in solar, machine control and process control applications, PlantLogicSM Collect I.T. is a secure, compact data acquisition appliance that provides communication between local plant floor or field controllers and a Manufacturing Information Database Server (MIDS) for storage, retrieval and reporting.  The MIDS can be set up within your plant network or cloud based.

Collect I.T. has store and roll forward functionality and it pre-configured for applications in recipe management, batch reporting, and monitoring of selected parameters.

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